Alex Stokes

Alex is a Stand Up Comedian, Author, and Public Speaker from Knoxville, TN. He began his stand up career at the age of 36 by accident, after a long 14 year stint as an Investment Broker in East Tennessee. Over the past 8 years, Alex has headlined theaters, comedy clubs, bars, charity and corporate events, and even an alley. His first book, Messing With Tourists: Stupid Answers To Stupid Questions, has sold thousands of copies since 2013. He followed that up with 5 Years Of This? Husband. Father. Comedian. My Story. , which tells the tale of how he ended up becoming a comedian as well as a detailed look at the Knoxville comedy scene over the last few years. After that, he immediately began working on Messing With Tourists 2: Here We Go Again, which released in 2017. On April 1, 2018, Alex released his 4th book, a children's book, called The City Bear In The Smokies. The City Bear is about a real bear in Gatlinburg, TN that Alex had encounters with during 2017. Alex also owns Gatlinburg Comedy Tours, a 90 minute walking tour through the streets that is fun and informational. Also, he teaches Stand Up Comedy courses at the University Of Tennessee in Knoxville, the first ever of it's kind at the school. 

Stand Up Comedian, Author, Public Speaker