Alex Stokes

The City Bear In The Smokies

Stand Up Comedian, Author, Public Speaker

Black Bear Education/Resources

In "The City Bear In The Smokies", Jeff, the bear, finds himself in a tough situation dealing with people. He stumbles upon an open garbage container and subsequently makes a mess, thus leading to people throwing things at him. It is important that we are mindful and protective of these wonderful friends in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and worldwide, and that we don't feed them and keep our garbage secure! Please find below some direct links for bear conservation, protection, and general knowledge.

The City Bear In The Smokies is the first Children's Book from Stand Up Comedian Alex Stokes. In this heartwarming story, Jeff the Black Bear, finds himself lost from his family in the mountains. He wanders into the city of Gatlinburg, and is amazed at all of the neat stuff and great food he finds! Jeff also makes his temporary home in a parking lot, where he makes new friends with a Groundhog, a Possum, and 3 cats. Missing his parents, Jeff is at least happy that he has found new friends to help him until he can find his way back home to the Great Smoky Mountains. Illustrated by Madelyn Vagott, a very talented artist from East Tennessee.