In 2017, Alex began teaching the first ever Stand Up Comedy courses at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The first class, "Stand Up Comedy: A Crash Course" was a huge success, with 19 students. The course is a Non Credit class lasting 8 weeks, one night per week for 2 hours. The first 5 classes are in a classroom, with the final being an "optional" performance at a local venue in front of a real audience. In the Fall of 2018, Alex will be teaching a second class called "Stand Up Comedy: The Open Mic Circuit." This class will be a more advanced version of the crash course. It will consist of 1 night in a classroom, followed by 5 performances at 5 different venues. Below you will find a link as well as a schedule of upcoming classes.

STAND UP COMEDY: A CRASH COURSE                         6/4/2019-07/23/2019

​STAND UP COMEDY: A CRASH COURSE                         9/3/2019-10/22/2019

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Alex Stokes